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EIE – Egyptian Import & Export

In 1979,Egyptian Import &Export was inaugurated, Specialized in Soya bean meal, corn meal, corn gluten meal, concentrates and all macro ingredients.

Located at MonufiaGovernerate – Egypt.



ETS – Egyptian Trading & Supplies

In1991, Egyptian Trading and Supplies Company was added to Nagy Awad Group.

The company succeeded to take the agency of some pioneering multinational animal health companies around the world; including MSD, ADM,Trouw-Nutrition, Lohmann Animal Nutrition soon will be KEASLER, KISCO.



BPT – Biopharma

In 2011, BioPharma for Biologicals trading was taken over by Nagy Awad Group, it is the sole agent for Lohmann Animal Health, now named Elanco, with more than 30 registered product, BPT was re-launched in 2014 and is taking a remarkable Market share in the poultry vaccine market